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Brian Gammage 
Marriage Celebrant - Two Hearts One Love

I’m a father of five and currently live in South West Sydney.
I have a relaxed attitude as well as a very likeable sense of humour. I bring these traits into my initial meeting with all my clients and help them to feel at ease about the journey we will be taking together.


I recently fulfilled my number 1 “Bucket List” item by travelling to Florida USA to watch one of the final space shuttle launches ever, this was one of the most memorable moments in my life.

I recognise the planning and coordination of a wedding is a daunting task at times so its my goal to have the ceremony creation be the easiest part of the planning. 


My love of this job lets me accept ceremonies anywhere from the Hunter Valley to Wollongong. Naturally the further away a charge will apply. I feel blessed to be able to share such wonderful events with others. The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time always takes my breath away.


I love what I do and feed off the love, enthusiasm and passion shown by every couple. I confess to sometimes having to blink back a tear or two! I am able to adapt to every situation and ensure every ceremony is unique and special.


I include a ritual in every ceremony (if wanted), which is a touching moment to symbolise the joining of two beautiful people. 

I feel its important that the celebrant and the couple need to “click” and the couple feels confident that they will be receiving the best possible service on that one special day of their lives. I hope that you give me the opportunity to meet with you to plan your special event.

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