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Personal Rituals

A small selection of possible inclusions you
may like to consider for your amazing ceremony.

Handfasting Ceremony

Using a ribbon or coloured cords to bind your lives together. There are many versions of this ritual both spiritual or romantic.

Rose Ceremony

Exchange of roses by the couple or given as a touching tribute to each other’s mums.

Sand Ceremony

Blend your lives together by pouring coloured sands to represent “two becoming one.”

Hourglass Sand Ceremony

Two Hearts, One Moment in Time – Once complete, blend your lives every day by turning the hourglass over.  A ritual that lasts a lifetime.


2 heart shaped padlocks joined together forever. Choose one of many ways to dispose of the keys.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The lighting of two candles representing the couple before using both candles to light one candle representing the new union. Two become one.


Hearts Together - Love forever. Locking padlocks onto a Tree of life. Includes parents during the ceremony and then expands when new locks get added with the addition of children.

Wine Box/Love Letter Ceremony

A beautiful ritual that lasts from anniversary to anniversary. Love letters shared on your 10th wedding anniversary to share the love you had when you first met.

The Broom Ceremony

A simple ceremony with many meanings. Have family and friends decorate a broom for you both to jump as you walk back down the aisle together. Sweeping your old lives away and welcoming in the new! it your own.

Bridal Cup Ceremony

A special ritual that is truly amazing. The story of the cup is told before the bride and groom drink from this amazing cup at the same time, without spilling a drop!!

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